The Causes Of Outdoor Ac Dies And Uncooled Ac

Did you know the causes of why an outdoor machine or a dead compressor is sure to make the air conditioner feel hot and there is no cold temperature at all? Maybe this has happened to the air conditioner in your place, the indoor unit is on but there is no cold at all? Surely this will make you upset, and maybe it’s caused because the compressor engine does not work / no flame. In a compressor below 3 phase or 1/2 – 2 in PK there is a tool called capacitor that works for the start of the engine, usually, it is marked with an outdoor fan on, but the compressor is not lit or just buzzing. Automatic Thermise Does Not Work. Thermise is located inside the indoor AC unit that serves to adjust the compressor work in accordance with the existing operating temperatures on the remote display / AC sensor. If the thermise is not working then the indoor unit will not be able to send an electric current to the compressor which would make the air conditioner is also not cold. And usually on the mark with the fan and the outdoor does not light together with the dead compressor. Overload Compressor Break Or Damage. A compressor engine is usually equipped with a tool whose name is overloaded, this overload serves to break the current into the compressor when the compressor is very hot due to high ampere. But this is rare. If this happens, you should be ready to contact the service.

The fifth cause of the dead air conditioner is, the compressor usually has a voltage of 220, if there is a high/low voltage then the compressor will not work maximal and certainly will make the AC is not cold, I suggest to use stabilizer for this problem. Do not forget to check the cable sent from the indoor there may be a broken cable, or there is a less powerful cable connection. A compressor has a power limit (amperes), if this ampere exceeds the normal limit of a compressor then the engine will die. For how to fix it may be your time to replace the new AC / compressor. So, all cause of damage to the AC above is a common problem encountered in the AC unit. It is recommended that your air conditioning service periodically for optimal performance. Why? Because Air Conditioner is one type of cooling machine that requires maintenance to maintain its working performance. From the way it works is the indoor unit blowing cold air and sucking hot air from a room, when sucking hot air must be dust-dust in the room come sucked and finally attached to the filter or indoor evaporator.