Four Phases Of Medical Error

The incidence of medication error is divided into 4 phases, namely prescribing phase, transcribing phase, dispensing phase and administration phase by the patient. Medication error in the prescribing phase is an error occurring in the prescription writing phase. According to the Greater National Advocates, it is important to be aware of all of the four phases.

This phase includes prescribed medications are improperly indicative, improperly patient or contraindicated, improper medications or there are no medication indications, inappropriate doses, and rules of use. In the transcribing phase, an error occurs during the recipe reading for the dispensing process. Error in the dispensing phase occurs at the time of preparation until prescription submission by a pharmacist. While the error in the administration phase is an error that occurs in the process of drug use. This phase may involve pharmacists and patients or their families. Thus, it means that the awareness of medical error is not only for medical staff but also for the families of the patients.