Find a quiet place to meditate

If you have never meditated, try to find a place that is free from any distraction so that your attention is not easily distracted. Turn off the TV and radio, close the window so that outside sounds are not heard, and close the door to keep your attention undisturbed by noise from other rooms. It may be difficult to find a quiet place if there are friends or family members in the house. Ask them if they want to keep the peace while you meditate. Promise that you will notify when it’s done so they can resume activities as usual. You can find a lot of benefit from meditation by visit

It’s a good idea to light a candle with a certain fragrance, decorate the room with a bouquet of flowers, or burn incense to meditate better. Dim the lights to make it easier to concentrate.
Use a sitting mat during meditation. The seat for meditation is also called zafu, which is a circular cushion as a pedestal on the floor for meditation. Unlike a chair, this cushion is made without a backrest so your body does not bend and lose energy.