Tips on Choosing Kitchen Paint Colours

The kitchen is an area that you may often ignore when starting to build a house. Although rarely use it, the kitchen is actually one of the important places that will be where you process food for the whole family. An attractive kitchen will be one of your factors to feel comfortable when cooking. So, it is important to pay attention to the selection of paint colours for your favourite kitchen. This time, Katy Painting will give some tips for you.

– Kitchen Walls
It’s good you do not stress when starting to choose colours for the kitchen wall. The first thing you need to do is know that you need to use 50% of the entire wall to install cabinet cabinets. So the rest 50% of the new you will think to install a kitchen backsplash (kitchen wall commonly used to deny splashing water and oil) and other non-paint areas.

For the kitchen, you should avoid using dark colours. Even if you want a bright colour, choose a softer tone. Conversely, if you feel a lot of openings in the kitchen, you can maximise the effects of colour and lighting through brightly coloured wall paint. Do not forget to adjust also with the interior colour theme of the house you want.

If you have trouble with the stains of food that will make dirty paint, it’s good to choose a different type of paint than ordinary interior paint. You can use vinyl silk type paint that is half glossy, scratch resistant, and scrubbing. When accidentally dirt hit the wall, you simply spray water and wipe it.

– Ceiling Kitchen
For kitchen ceiling, you can take the paint with white base colour or white gradation, like a cream colour, putty, or another neutral color. This is because when you choose a dark colour for your kitchen ceiling, it will be able to make the room feel stifling and narrow.

Most importantly, customise it with your home theme. If you already have a theme that is carried throughout the house, there is no harm in applying colours that fit the theme in the kitchen. For example pastel colours for a shabby chic theme or bluish colour for a nautical theme.